Motorsports World Cup News SPEEDWAY Speedway World Cup | Will return to Great Wroclaw in 2023

Speedway World Cup | Will return to Great Wroclaw in 2023

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Speedway World Cup

The FIM Speedway World Cup will be re-launched next summer in Wroclaw’s famous Olympic Stadium, where the first-ever FIM SWC Final was held from July 25-29, 2023. Discovery Sports Events, the new FIM Speedway global organizer, revealed intentions to restore the sport’s famous team event, which was last held in 2017 at the Speedway World Cup.

Speedway World Cup

Poland, the defending champion and eight-time winner at the Speedway World Cup, will be seeded through to the FIM SWC Final on Saturday, July 29, 2023. The remaining six nations in this year’s FIM Speedway of Nations Final, as well as the teams placing fourth in each Semi-Final, will compete in the Semi-Finals.

This year’s FIM SON hosts Denmark, along with Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Great Britain, and France, will compete in the FIM SWC Semi-Finals on Tuesday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 26 2023 after qualifying in this week’s FIM SON event in Vojens.

Each FIM SWC Semi-Final winner will join the Poles in the Final at the Speedway World Cup, with the second and third-placed countries competing in the always-epic FIM SWC Race Off on Friday, July 28. The event’s winners complete the Final Four.

On Thursday, July 27, there will be a FIM SWC Fan Day featuring lots of activities in the city.

The FIM Team Speedway Under-21 World Championship, a seven-team FIM SON2 event, will not be held as part of the FIM SWC week in Wroclaw next season at the Speedway World Cup. It will instead take place alongside a Speedway GP event, with the hosts yet to be determined.

The Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw hosted the first FIM Speedway Grand Prix round in 1995, as well as the first FIM SWC Final in 2001 and the first FIM Speedway of Nations Final in 2018.

The CEO of Discovery Sports Events, Fran├žois Ribeiro, is excited to produce more FIM Speedway history at one of the sport’s most iconic locations. “Wroclaw hosted the FIM SWC Final in 2001 and 2005 and has a fantastic history in this iconic championship,” he stated. We realize how much the FIM SWC has been missed by fans all around the globe, and there is no better venue to bring it back.

“We know our local organizers in Wroclaw will work hard with our team to create a fantastic week of racing as we celebrate our first FIM SWC world champions since 2017.”

“We were initially scheduled to hold the race in Torun, and we agreed to sign separate agreements with the city for both Speedway World Cup and the FIM SWC.” Torun has showed tremendous support for the numerous Ukrainian refugees who have sought asylum there since Ukraine’s invasion by Russia. As a consequence, the city’s population has grown, putting financial strains on the city. Torun requested if we might assist them in locating an alternate location for the FIM SWC. This will free them up to focus on putting on a terrific Speedway GP event.

“Wroclaw was not scheduled to host a Speedway GP in 2023, therefore we were thrilled to host the FIM SWC.” They will be able to devote all of their substantial resources and efforts to make that event a fantastic, large-scale event that welcomes fans from all around the globe. I’d like to thank the City of Wroclaw and Mayor Jacek Sutryk for their ongoing support for FIM Speedway events, as well as their participation in this effort to bring the FIM SWC to Wroclaw.”

WTS Sparta Wroclaw president Andrzej Rusko is looking forward to staging a tremendous week of racing at the Olympic Stadium at the Speedway World Cup. “It is a tremendous honor to bring the FIM Speedway World Cup Final to our city for the third time – also to host the inaugural FIM Speedway World Cup in its new and thrilling format,” he added.

“Wroclaw is a real speedway city, and we can’t wait to welcome fans from all across Poland, Europe, and the globe for what will undoubtedly be a wonderful event.” “We know how much the FIM SWC is cherished in Poland because we have won it eight times.” I am certain that there will be a tremendous atmosphere in the Olympic Stadium stands as nine countries compete to become the first FIM SWC world champions in six years.

FIM Speedway fans in Wroclaw will not have to wait until 2023 for FIM Speedway action, as the Olympic Stadium will host the 2022 Betard FIM Speedway World Cup GP of Poland – Wroclaw on Saturday, August 27, as well as the first-ever FIM SGP3 event – the revamped FIM Speedway Youth World Championship – on Friday, August 26.

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