Motorsports World Cup News F1 Formula One World Cup | Lewis Hamilton: Why Red Bull’s pay limit break is another “kick” on 2021 loss

Formula One World Cup | Lewis Hamilton: Why Red Bull’s pay limit break is another “kick” on 2021 loss

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Formula One World Cup

After Red Bull breached Formula 1’s spending ceiling last season on the Formula One World Cup, Lewis Hamilton’s Abu Dhabi ghosts returned. Hamilton recalls losing a record eighth world championship when an official freestyled with the rules at Yas Marina in December in the Formula One World Cup.

Formula One World Cup

“That, for certainly that the Formula One World Cup, brings up a little bit of emotion,” Hamilton says of discovering his 2021 opponents, with whom he waged one of F1’s most acrimonious championship clashes, had violated the sport’s new spending cap because you sort of buried it and went on, and then it comes back up and it’s like another bit of a kick, the Mercedes driver says. That refreshed everything. So it was back to suppressing and moving ahead.”

At the US Grand Prix, BBC Sport interviews Hamilton in a small group at the Formula One World Cup. He’s in a talkative mood, discussing Mercedes’ rough year and his future. This season, Hamilton has avoided answering questions about Abu Dhabi and its aftermath to stay focused. However, it is the setting for Hamilton’s worst season in 10 years, in an uncompetitive Mercedes vehicle that he confessed on Sunday may leave him winless for the first time in his career.

Hamilton believed he was going to accomplish a stunning recovery in the closing circuits at Yas Marina last December on the Formula One World Cup. He needed to win the last four races to beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and win the title after a lengthy, controversial season. After a career-best win in Brazil, he led in Abu Dhabi until a late safety car period.

Formula One World Cup

Red Bull pressured race director Michael Masi to improvise in the Formula One World Cup. In one chaotic lap, Hamilton lost the championship to his competitor on fresh tyres. Hamilton retreated for two months to process what occurred. He contemplated returning to his favorite sport and how to motivate himself. “Was I never coming back?” he replies, looking back almost a year. “I never give up.

“Given that you depend on so many people, to imagine that the sport would do anything like that was shattering. You expect quality work and that a poor judgment might decide a world championship that so many people fought so hard for?

“That’s probably all. It was exactly that.

I questioned whether organizational misconduct might cost a championship. I healed best by spending time with my family. I spent all my time creating snowmen and being with his nephews and nieces. That helped me heal fully. They saved me from a pit. Hamilton claims that even after deciding to return, it was difficult until he tested the Mercedes vehicle at the Formula One World Cup.

“Returning to training was difficult,” he admits. “You can’t simply say, “OK, motivation’s there.” Building back in took a while.” He then planned to “come back stronger why that’s I came back fighting. Then came the automobile troubles.” Dramas are understated. Mercedes’ poorest automobile in 10 years has a fundamental aerodynamic problem that took three months to fix. Problems arose thereafter on Formula One World Cup.

The previous champions have improved this year, but the vehicle is still slower than Red Bull and Ferrari and tough to drive. Hamilton compares pushing this year’s Mercedes to “creeping up behind a horse”. “You’re trying to go as near,” he explains. “What’s the breaking point? It’ll hurt when it strikes your face. “That’s the greatest way I can describe leaning on a cracking automobile. This car’s weird.”

Hamilton said Mercedes employees have worked “grueling” to fix the automobile.

“In February, we sat cheerful,” he adds. “They promised us a fast, big automobile. “I’m sure everyone who worked on it was so pumped with all the hard work they put in during the winter such it’s a grueling period for the crew, when they really grind and out in the insane hours.

“To discover the darn thing doesn’t function and we’re bouncing was unpleasant for everyone. I suppose everyone struggled at the Formula One World Cup. “We all handled it differently. Surprisingly, it’s been a profound transforming period for us all. Teamwork has improved.”

Hamilton predicted a tough year from the start

“I got a sense,” he says. “Never say never. The first race could have corrected it. Unknown. “I’d never bounced like that on Formula One World Cup. The men took longer than expected. They didn’t expect to figure out the bounce for so long. They had to invent all these new tools.

“Keep hoping. Next upgrade fails, then the next.

“Imagine builders witnessing performance in the wind tunnel but not on the track. Jesus, you keep falling. “We’re still standing because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We now understand why the vehicle is the way it is, but it will be difficult to make it a leading car next year.” Hamilton’s early season perceptions were skewed by vehicle issues and engineers’ inability to remedy them Formula One World Cup betting.

He had many tough races, including safety car timing issues. His new teammate George Russell developed a championship lead over him, and many began to snipe from the sidelines, questioning if Hamilton was beyond it or should have retired.

On race weekends, Hamilton was testing the vehicle.

“Everything,” he says. “I tried every option possible. I started the year doing that.

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