Motorsports World Cup News F1 F1 World Cup Star’s career is at stake | A bitter conflict about to erupt: What’s on the line in the US Grand Prix 2022

F1 World Cup Star’s career is at stake | A bitter conflict about to erupt: What’s on the line in the US Grand Prix 2022

bitter feud

F1 World Cup Star’s

A bitter conflict is about to erupt as an F1 World Cup Star’s career is at stake: What’s on the line in the US Grand Prix? Max Verstappen has won the world championship with four rounds to spare, a title triumph so emphatic that you’d be excused for asking what could possible motivate the also-rans to strive for that last few percentage points of performance from now until Abu Dhabi in November.

Except there’s still a lot to battle for this season. It’s a matter of pride for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc after such a promising start to the season at the F1 World Cup Star’s. On Kayo, you can watch every practice, qualifying, and race of the 2022 FIA F1 World Cup Star’s Championships live. Are you new to Kayo? Begin your free trial now.

F1 World Cup Star's

Mercedes is hoping after falling from an eight-year sequence of constructors titles to a winless season at the F1 World Cup Star’s. Further down the track, reputation is at risk, and drivers are still battling for their jobs. The primary championship race may be ended, but there is always something at stake in Formula 1.


Ferrari has yet to surrender defeat to Red Bull Racing in the constructors championship, but its implausible title campaign will almost certainly come to an end this weekend at the F1 World Cup Star’s. With 191 points left, RBR leads the Scuderia by 165 points. A maximum of 147 points will be available at the completion of the United States Grand Prix weekend.

To carry the fight to Mexico the following weekend, Ferrari has to outscore Red Bull Racing by 19 points — a one-two with both Verstappen and Perez off the podium — and both rival cars to DNF all the way to the end of the year to have a chance in Abu Dhabi.

In other words, it’s a hefty order.

Ferrari has definitely accepted loss by now fact, team principal Mattia Binotto said earlier this year that he wasn’t even aiming for the championship in the first place but what it cannot do is fall behind Mercedes and finish third at the F1 World Cup Star’s. The Italians lead the Germans by a substantial but not boastful 67 points, owing to the Silver Arrows dropping off the radar this side of the mid-season break, having been just 30 points ahead following Hungary.

Mercedes has likewise developed a tail-down driving style since then. The ostensibly favorable Singapore track produced its poorest result of the season, as well as some genuinely demoralizing single-lap efforts on F1 World Cup Star’s. However, in racing trim, and especially in rare conditions, the W13 is capable of holding the Ferrari vehicles at bay. A stroke of luck might cause the points deficit to close too soon for Maranello’s liking.

George Russell has targeted this weekend’s race as one in which his vehicle may be competitive, owing almost entirely to the esses that connect the first and second sectors, as well as the slower third split, despite the fact that the remainder of the circuit is primarily straights. The fact that this circuit is extremely rough — so much so that its surface has been resurfaced twice in the previous few of years — works against it.

The improvements done to the course in preparation for 2022 was accepted by MotoGP’s riders, albeit they agreed it wasn’t flawless. It doesn’t take much to upset the W13, therefore the team’s weekend will be nearly entirely dependent on this. Ferrari, on the other hand, may run into problems of a different kind on F1 World Cup Star’s. It’s supposed to be in the low 30s all weekend, and this track has already destroyed a tyre. When combined with Ferrari’s overall greater degradation, the red team might find itself tactically hampered for this race.

Ferrari will, of course, want to finish the season with some victories, but it can’t take its gaze away from Mercedes in the rearview mirror.


Could Charles Leclerc, who raced to a 34-point championship lead after just three rounds, finish no higher than second in the standings at the conclusion of the season? He is now third on the standings, one point behind Sergio Perez. His last-lap escape through the final chicane at Suzuka, which lost him second place after penalties to the Mexican and gave the championship to Verstappen, is what got him there.

F1 World Cup Star's

While Leclerc has certainly proven better speed this season, capturing nine poles to Perez’s one, the two drivers have been on equal in race configuration at the F1 World Cup Star’s. Both drivers have missed three checkered flags, but Perez’s were all for causes beyond his control, whilst Leclerc’s DNF was caused by a self-inflicted collision in France.

Leclerc has three victories to Perez’s one, but it might have been two had the timing of the Saudi Arabian safety car not cost him so dearly after dominating the race from pole. Neither driver has finished lower than sixth, while Perez has finished half a position higher on average in their six non-podium finishes at F1 World Cup Star’s.

Of course, the penalties Leclerc has had to pay for engine failures and strategy mistakes that have long since cruelled his chances of taking on the almost flawlessly engineered Verstappen campaign aren’t included in the headline stats, but that doesn’t take anything away from Perez, who has made the most of the opportunities presented to him.

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