Motorsports World Cup News F1 F1 World Cup Sprints | Verstappen: Drivers do not compete in F1 sprints because they are afraid 2022

F1 World Cup Sprints | Verstappen: Drivers do not compete in F1 sprints because they are afraid 2022


F1 World Cup Sprints

F1 World Cup Sprints and World Champion Max Verstappen is not a fan of the sprint format and believes that more action is needed to enhance the spectacle. Max Verstappen has criticized Formula One’s Sprint format, claiming that drivers “don’t actually race” because of fear.

F1 World Cup Sprints

The Saturday F1 World Cup Sprints, which debuted in 2021, is used to establish the grid for the main Grand Prix with a minor race that is about one-third the distance of the main Grand Prix. The Brazilian Grand Prix will host the third and final sprint race of the 2022 season this weekend, with the number of races rising to six for the ’23 season.

Verstappen, who has won both Sprint races in Imola and Austria in 2022, says the format is uninteresting because drivers don’t want to jeopardize their chances in the main Grand Prix. Verstappen excels at sprint races.

“I’m honestly not a huge fan of it because I don’t feel like we actually race,” Verstappen told F1 world cup sprints. “Okay, there are a few points available (for the top eight finishers), but you know you can’t really risk it since the main race is where the points are earned.

“You don’t stop, so you just put on the tyre that will last the trip.

“The racing is a bit better with these vehicles on F1 World Cup Sprints, but there isn’t much overtaking until there is a car out of position. “So it’s not really that much fun for me, everyone has their own view – but it’s not that much fun for me.”

What Verstappen like about Sprints

Despite his dislike for the F1 World Cup Sprints race format, Verstappen stated he enjoyed the pressure of going straight into qualifying (to establish the Sprint grid) after just one practice session. “I prefer going right into qualifying after one practice session,” he remarked.

“That doesn’t bother me since it takes less practice for everyone to be totally up to speed, and you really need to perfect the setup, so that’s OK. “But I usually feel that way when I go into a Sprint race because I’m not really risking anything and just want to play it safe.” Kevin Magnussen, a Haas driver, also commented on the Sprint format, but unlike Verstappen, he likes it.

“I sort of like it,” said the Dane.

“Max makes a nice point that the risk you want to take in Sprint races is lower since it determines your place for Sunday, so I believe separating it [from the main race] could be a smart idea. “As Max said, I prefer going from practice one directly into qualifying because it puts a lot of pressure on you to establish a rhythm fast and get the setup perfect.

“Three practice sessions is rather a lot, but I sort of enjoy it anyhow.”

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How many drivers do F1 teams have?

Each season, the FIA allows a maximum of four drivers in a Formula One team. Having said that, teams also have a big number of support employees that play an important part in their success.

What is the price of a Formula One car?

The engine and its associated components are the most costly aspects of a Formula One vehicle. F1 vehicles are expected to cost a team roughly ten million pounds.
The team must also pay for the top drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel. An informed estimation would place the entire value around 50 million pounds.

What is the top speed of a Formula 1 car?

Formula 1 vehicles can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph (160 kmph) in less than five (5) seconds and then decelerate back to zero. Most racers will attain a peak speed of roughly 300 kmph in a Formula 1 vehicle (185 mph).

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