Motorsports World Cup News F1 F1 World Cup Preview | Max Verstappen needs a perfect weekend in Japan to reclaim his World Championships 2022

F1 World Cup Preview | Max Verstappen needs a perfect weekend in Japan to reclaim his World Championships 2022

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F1 World Cup Preview

Max Verstappen can win the F1 World Cup Preview drivers’ championship again this weekend in Suzuka, but he isn’t getting too excited about it; title opponent Charles Leclerc concedes it will be tough to overtake the Red Bull driver’s lead.

Max Verstappen is sure that a lot of things must fall into place for him to win the Formula One drivers’ championship for the second year in a row at the Japanese Grand Prix. To retain the championship he won in dramatic and contentious circumstances in the last race of 2021, the Dutchman just has to earn eight points more than Ferrari opponent Charles Leclerc and six points more than Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez at Suzuka for the F1 World Cup Preview.

F1 World Cup Preview

Such a result would see Verstappen clinch the title with four Grand Prix left in the current season, but the 25-year-old is not thinking too much about that prospect and feels there is still a lot that has to go his way for that to happen. “It’d be fantastic if it happened here,” Verstappen remarked. ” But if it doesn’t happen today, I’ll be more likely to win the championship in the next race [the United States Grand Prix on October 23 at the F1 World Cup Preview].”

“It doesn’t really make a difference.” You simply want to have a fantastic weekend and make the most of it.

“I need a great weekend to win the championship here, but to be honest, I’m not thinking about it too much.”

“It’s a pity we couldn’t be here last year for a championship fight, but we’re looking forward to coming back here and seeing what happens on the F1 World Cup Preview.” We really need a beautiful weekend.” With a second-place finish behind Perez in Singapore last weekend, Leclerc enters the first Japanese Grand Prix in three years 104 points behind the reigning champion in the drivers’ standings.

Leclerc and Ferrari got off to a fast start this year, winning two of the first three Grand Prix and finishing on the podium in four of the first five races. However, he has not occupied the pole position since the Australian Grand Prix in July at the F1 World Cup Preview, and despite three podium finishes in the past three races, the 24-year-old said it would be impossible to overtake Verstappen at this point.

“Max is going to be champion, if not this weekend, then very soon,” Leclerc said. “We need to concentrate on ourselves and attempt to execute effectively on Sunday since performance has not been an issue for us this year.” “From the first race to the present, performance has always been quite strong and well enough to compete for victories.”

F1 World Cup Preview

“It’s largely about trying to bring everything together on Sunday for the F1 World Cup Preview, coming up with strategy and tyre management, and that’s where we’re working right now, and this is the step we need to take next year to compete for the title.” “I anticipate Red Bull to be extremely good here; it’s a circuit where you run the vehicle in a similar position to Spa, so I expect them to be quite strong.” Hopefully, we learned a lot at Spa and will be stronger than before.” The world championship has been decided in Japan on 12 previous times, and should Verstappen win this year’s championship in Suzuka. It would be especially meaningful since it is the track where he first experienced a F1 World Cup Preview weekend in 2014.

Although his test drive for Toro Rosso now Alpha Tauri in the first Friday practice session was cut short due to smoke pouring out of his car owing to a faulty exhaust valve, Verstappen recalls the run-out fondly since it helped launch him to Formula One glory.

“It’s not easy to do your first trip in an F1 car around Suzuka, but Red Bull wanted me to do it, and I remember the first time I drove out, I couldn’t believe how much power I had,” Verstappen remarked. “That was a bit of a shock to the system, but generally, I have extremely fond recollections of driving the vehicle and learning the fundamentals of a Formula 1 car.” What benefited the most in all those years following that was just [gaining] experience.

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