Motorsports World Cup News SPEEDWAY Armadale Speedway World Cup | Monarchs have been granted a reprieve for the 2023 season

Armadale Speedway World Cup | Monarchs have been granted a reprieve for the 2023 season

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Armadale Speedway World Cup

The Armadale Speedway World Cup stunning turn of events follows the recent Farewell to Armadale.

Armadale Speedway World Cup

The Monarchs have agreed in principle to reinstate speedway at Armadale Speedway World Cup Stadium for the 2023 season, subject to the execution of a formal agreement. The stunning development comes after the recent Farewell to Armadale ceremony concluded the Monarchs’ stint at the stadium in the previous week. There was always the possibility that if the stadium owners were unable to finalize the sale of the stadium at this time, the racetrack may make a brief comeback.

“We have been in communication with the stadium owners for the previous two months as they tried to clarify their present position in the sale of the stadium at the Armadale Speedway World Cup,” Monarchs Co-Promoter John Campbell revealed. On Tuesday, we learned that they are now in a position to open the stadium to speedway in 2023. “Since then, informal conversations have persisted, and the Monarchs have finally struck an agreement in principle to stay at Armadale Stadium in 2023.”

“This is still subject to the formalization of this agreement and confirmation of final details, both of which we will work on in the coming days at the Armadale Speedway World Cup.” However, we have a great connection with the Cochrane family and are certain that everything will end well.”

The speedway world moves swiftly each winter, so Campbell wanted to make this statement as soon as possible. “Our fans are the greatest around, and we wanted to assuage their concerns as soon as possible,” Campbell stated. Our riders are also keen to get ready for 2023, so we are relieved to be able to begin planning for the next season.

“Everyone at the Club is overjoyed that we will continue in 2023 and that the Monarchs will live on far into the future at the Armadale Speedway World Cup odds.” Another exciting news is the continuance of the Monarchs Speedway Academy, which has been a huge success over the last two seasons. Last Friday, the young riders held their first formal Academy Championship during the final meeting.

The recent Farewell to Armadale event provided a fitting send-off to what has been a glorious home of the Club ahead of the stadium’s impending closure, but the change in circumstances brings much relief that the Monarchs will continue to play at Armadale next season subject to the successful conclusion of talks.

This fantastic news should relieve the melancholy that Monarchs fans have been experiencing for some time, and they may look forward to returning to Armadale Stadium next spring.

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